The Hare™ New Generation Version 2

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The next generation of the popular HARE PnP stationary decoder for the Tortoise™ Switch Machine is now shipping. Version I has been significantly improved to make wiring even easier along with other new features. Patent pending.

  • Plugs Directly on to Tortoise™: Simplifies wiring and reduces failures.
  • Auto Return: Automatically returns the points after a preset interval for any operational event.
  • Auto Throw™ Automatically throws points when a train is approaching against the points!
  • Auto Throw™ Timer: Provides for timing the auto throw function to prevent two trains from colliding.
  • Smart Route™ Sets up to 13 routes by simple address programming in addition to the primary decoder address.
  • Dispatcher Over-Ride™: Allows the Dispatcher to lock out all other switch commands.
  • Lock Block Protection: Overrides the Hare's operation if a designated block is occupied.
  • Locked Route Control™: Provides for only one route direction response for either a Throw or Clear command.
  • Switch Speed Control™: Allows you to control the Tortoise™ motor speed.
  • Smart Default Ops™: Upon Power-up, HARES return to either last thrown position or a programmed default.
  • Operate Switch Signals or Panel LED Indicators.
  • Manual Pushbutton or Toggle Switch: Allows single button or toggle switch manual control of the points.
  • System Reset: A single CV command sets all Addresses and CVs to original factory values.
  • Direct Current Ops: The Hare will operate on DC using Manual Push Button Control Option.
  • Semaphore Operations: Allows the use of a Tortoise™ for triggered control of a signal head or crossing gate.
  • Automates Reverse Loop Turnouts. Using Auto Throw feature.
  • Feedback, Turnout Position Reporting to Digitrax LocoNet, Lenz ExpressNet and NCE CabBus.