The Wabbit™ Dual DCC Stationary Decoder

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The Wabbit - a new dual output patent pending stationary decoder with all the same patented exclusive features of its predecessor, the popular Hare. Shipping in mid-October 2006.

What's better than one HARE, two HARES?

  • The Wabbit DCC stationary decoder operates 2 DC stall motor type switch machines and features the same patented unmatched performance of its popular kin the Hare.
  • Compare the Wabbit's price and performance to any other dual output stall motor DCC stationary decoder and you will choose the Wabbit! List price: $29.95
  • Look at all the features that are not available from any other stationary decoder at any price!
    • Auto Throw
    • Auto Throw Timer
    • Auto Return
    • Smart Route
    • Dispatcher Over-Ride
    • Lock-Block
    • Locked Route Control
    • Switch Speed Control
    • Smart Default Ops
    • Operate Switch Signals
    • Manual Button/Toggle
    • System Reset
    • Direct Current Ops
    • Semaphore Operations
    • Automates Reverse Loops

The HARE and the Wabbit were designed by Larry Maier.